Composed by Boris Lelong ::

:: Based on the insectoid soundworld created by Pierre Tardy and Christian Zanesi for Les Maîtres Du Temps


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Perdide is a wild planet imagined by writer Stefan Wul in his novel "The Orphan of Perdide" (1958).

A few years ago, while discovering René Laloux and Moebius's movie adaptation, "The Masters of Time" (1982), I was struck by the lush sounds that illustrate the scenes taking place in the wilderness of planets Perdide and Devil-Ball.

Created by Pierre Tardy and Christian Zanesi, these electro-acoustic soundscapes give life to a fascinating insectoïd world, that I wished could be listened to in a lengthy way and independantly from the film. Since such a record doesn't exist, I thought of doing it myself.

I started by picking the few moments in the movie when the sounds can be heard without dialog nor music. I recut, reworked and deployed them over an hour. I then added my own textures, floating gently throughout this vibrant environment.

After two years of work, I ended up with this new soundscape that echoes the strange beauty of Perdide and Devil-Ball but also the phosporescent nights of Pandora in James Cameron's "Avatar" (which I watched for the first time a few hours after completing the mastering of the album...)

With its thematics and sensibility, this immersive work connects to another realm of animated cinema : Hayao Miyazaki's films and the mysterious, seductive animism they carry over.