Composed by Boris Lelong
Original soundtrack of Philippe Vallin's dream

LOST ON MARS WITH CHARLIE is the soundtrack of a dream I didn't have.

The owner of the dream is my friend Philippe Vallin. In his vision, he was walking on a weird, red, rocky desert that felt like planet Mars. He was not alone : his unexpected companion was Charlie Chaplin's tramp. They silently roamed these vast mineral landscapes until Philippe slipped on rocks at the edge of a cliff, started to fall and woke up sweating.

In 1991, a few months after telling me about this strange and memorable experience, Philippe came home for a visit. At some point, while I was tinkering with my electronic music instruments, he fell asleep. With the speakers on, I spent a couple of hours composing an atmospheric soundscape, with no particular idea in mind. When Philippe woke up, he said he had heard the music while half-asleep, half-awaken, and it had transported him back to his powerful martian dream.

As a result, the album composed on that occasion naturally became the official soundtrack of Philippe's dream. A few decades later, it is now available to anyone who wishes to experience this haunting wandering throughout the red planet.


Composed and designed by Boris Lelong
Electronic sounds and textures


Mars landscapes courtesy of NASA and ESA


This album is dedicated to its co-creator Philippe Vallin,
who left us in 2016 and is now undoubtedly exploring
amazing new worlds, way beyond Mars…